Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to Protect Plants During the Winter

The cold, Winter months can quickly injure or even kill tender plants. Learning how to protect your plants during the Winter can save you time, valuable resources, and the health of your plants.

Always use plants that's are capable of growing in your weather zone. Avoid planting tender plants that can not with stand the cold of your area. To find the hardiness of a plant research the growing conditions online and then determine if it is hardy for your zone.

Plants can be protects in the winter by mulching. Mulching plants can help protect roots and prevent plant failure.

Wrapping plants are another great way to protect them in the winter. Using old towels, sheets, burlap, or other breathable materials can help reduce the winds and frost that will beat away at you plants during the winter months.

How to Protect Your Plants During the Winter has more information on how to protect your plants.

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