Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tips for Growing Squash from Seed

Growing squash from seed is quite easy if done correctly. However, there are some things a beginner needs to know.
  • Always plant squash seeds in peat pots, cell trays, or directly in the garden the prevent root disturbance. Squash plants can not tolerate their roots being disturbed and will die off if not handled carefully. Always avoid seeding them in a seed tray and then moving to pots.
  • Squash need to be planted outdoors as soon as they are mature enough to handle the elements.
  • Always water squash well. Do not keep soil soggy but moist. Due to their produce, they use water to help promote new growth and squash.

How to Grow Squash from Seed is a great resource for beginners. As a step-by-step instruction guide, it will help teach you what you need to know prior to planting the seeds to help avoid plant failure.

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