Thursday, July 22, 2010

Using Fish Ponds in the Landscape

Fish ponds are a great way to add design, elegance, and a focal point to any landscape. The options are endless when it comes to size, shape, decor and fish that can be used in a fish pond.

In the south, fish ponds are quite common. They are easy to maintain but do require some knowledge on growing the perfect fish that will maintain a healthy status with the summer heat.

When planning to start a new fish pond there are some things you should always consider:
  • Type of fish you want to use in your fish pond
  • Types of plants you wish to incorporate
  • Will it have an running water
  • The temperatures for your area
  • Any decor you may want to use
  • Size of the pond
  • How much time are you willing to spend maintaining the pond?
With all these things in mind you can get an idea on what size you will need, how elaborate it should be and how much time it will take you to maintain it. There are lots of great books and articles online that will help you determine the best fish and types of fish ponds for your area.

You may also want to read Types of Fish for a Fish Pond to get a general idea of some of the easiest and most popular fish for a fish pond.

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