Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July Gardening Tasks

Summer is in full swing and it’s time to give your garden and flower beds a check up. July is one of the hottest months and with the heat comes diseases, pests, and drought. Here are some things to do in the garden during the month of July

Check Irrigation Systems
With the extreme temperatures and dry weather insure that all sprinkler heads, irrigation drips and soaker hoses are working efficiently. Check for clogs, broken pieces and insure the soil is staying moist in between waterings.

Take Cuttings
Most plants, trees and shrubs are actively growing and producing soft wood. Now is the best time to get optimal cuttings on most plants. Be sure to keep cuttings moist to insure proper rooting.

Check for Diseases
Hot weather is a great environment for most diseases to take over. Check for diseases such as Blackspot and spray with a fungicide to keep plants healthy.

Prevent Pests
With all the lush, new growth, pests will find the perfect feast in your garden and flower beds. Check for aphids, slugs, tomato worms, and other pests that may be attacking your garden. Spray with an insecticide and keep an eye of future outbreaks.

Weed the Beds
Weeds are growing actively and producing new seeds. Keep weeds under control by pulling them as they come up or using a herbicide to prevent them from over taking your garden and flower beds.

Continue to fertilize plants as usual. Follow the recommended strengths that varies with each product. Water in thoroughly to prevent burning tender plants.

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