Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Peace Lilies that Won't Bloom

Peace Lilies make beautiful houseplants. Their bright, tropical foliage adds a touch of class to any decor. Peace Lilies are easy to grow and great for beginners.

The most common problem associated with Peace Lilies is that the grower can't seem to make it bloom. Their white, long-stemmed spathes are the main attraction for most growers. Unfortunately, some deficiencies can cause a Peace Lily to stop blooming. This can easily be corrected with just a few adjustments.

  • Water- Peace Lilies require moist but not soggy soil. Insure that the soil stays moist and does not dry out between waterings.

  • Sun- Peace Lilies are tropical plants and require sun. A sunny window or well lit area will help increase blooms.

  • Fertilizer- Peace Lilies require a houseplant fertilizer. A simple fertilizer such as Miracle Grow Houseplant Fertilizer used at recommended strength will help promote lush, new blooms frequently.

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